Maxam's 12-piece Survival Knife with compass and fire starter best knife for survival
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Maxam's 12-piece Survival Knife with compass and fire starter

Maxam's 12-piece Survival Knife Set gives outdoor sportsmen, adventure enthusiasts, campers, hikers, hunters and survivalists the raw physical power to handle any cutting task imaginable! Measuring 14”"in total length with a 7 3/4”-long 1/8”-thick blade, our primary hunting knife features a hollow zinc alloy survival-tool capsule handle—and our second 7"-skeleton knife has a 1 1/2" blade with a gutting hook. This dependable Rambo knife is also equipped with a sheath-attached slingshot with tubing and missile pouch, knife sharpener, compass, and a scabbard-sheath safety latch for extra security. Survival tool storage capsule includes a bandage, fire starter and matches, fishing line, weights and hooks, razor blade, tweezers, pencil, safety pin and a needle and thread to combat all outdoor challenges immediately. ABOUT: Maxam creates powerful military survival knives and innovative hunting gear that are affordable. Most popular survival knife with compass you need a compass so you don't get lost so you can find your way back. Survival knife with compass To put it simply, the compass is a tool which points out directions, such as North, South, East and West. These are also known as the cardinal directions. In more detail, it's a magnetised piece of metal that will turn towards the Earth's magnetic north pole. The most common form is the pocket compass. Survival knife with compass puts more on versatility


Gerber is an American brand that is dedicated to crafting problem-solving, life-saving knives, multi-tools, cutting tools, and equipment. Gerber products have delivered for over 75 years. Carried by soldiers, hunters, campers, and tradesmen alike, Gerber products are developed intentionally to deliver task-specific or mission-essential knives, tools, and equipment. Loaded with innovations, this knife has everything. The Gerber Ultimate Survival Knife features a half serrated, drop point blade, a textured rubber grip, a steel hammer pommel, and an emergency whistle. The durable sheath has a sharpener and a firestarter. Why you need a survival knife with firestarter, keeping warm or getting the grill going. Or If you get cold or lost in the wild, if it gets dark you get lost with out a flash light. Survival knife with firestarter Is very important, helpful for survival and cooking so many survival reasons. You need a knife like this for survival and much more it can save your life. Hear is some of the best survival knife with firestarter below.

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